Robotic Ecology – drone radio-tracking

I’m super excited to announce that our latest robotics research paper titled “Robotic ecology: Tracking small dynamic animals with an autonomous aerial vehicle” has just been published in Science Robotics! The manual radio-tracking of wildlife is a very time consuming and labor-intensive technique that has been used worldwide for decades.  This is particularly problematic for … More Robotic Ecology – drone radio-tracking

Private land conservation – an essential part of Swift Parrot conservation

This week I was super excited to yet find another large flock of Swift Parrots on a private property in the Riverina region of NSW.  All of the largest flocks recorded in the region are now from private property highlighting the incredible importance of supporting landholders to protect and conserve old remnant bushland on their … More Private land conservation – an essential part of Swift Parrot conservation

Breakfast with the birds

I’m really looking forward to celebrating World Environment Day 2018 at our “Breakfast with the birds” event near Temora, NSW on Tuesday 5th June for our NSW Environmental Trust Saving Our Swift Parrots project. This will follow on from the National Swift Parrot and Regent Honeyeater Volunteer surveys coordinated by BirdLife Australia to get volunteers involved searching for … More Breakfast with the birds

Wildlife Drones wins Innovation ACT Award!

We were thrilled to receive an Innovation ACT Award and $10,000 seed money for Wildlife Drones last night at the IACT16 Awards Night!  This will enable us to begin work on our next animal radio-tracking drone for use by early adopters – exciting! Want to use a drone to save yourself lots of time and effort when tracking animals? … More Wildlife Drones wins Innovation ACT Award!